A Bold and Ballsy Pendulum-Powered Wall Clock

Introducing The Grandfather Clock - a clock that stands tall, confident, and a little bit cheeky! This simple dapper silhouette of a man isn't just here to tell time; he's here to amuse and entertain. Suspended between his legs, you'll find a pair of you know what's, playfully swaying to and fro with each tick and tock. This clock is a unique and lighthearted addition to any room, reminding you that even the most serious of moments can have a touch of whimsy! Do you have the balls to mount him on your wall? 

Locally Sourced

Clocks and packaging made in the USA

Laughs Guaranteed

A design that's good for the soul

Be on time

Stop, drop, and go

Made in NYC

To create these laser cut acrylic versions of the Grandfather Clocks, Streicher Goods teamed up with WolfCo Design, a Harlem-based company specializing in design, fabrication, and engineering.


Have questions about how The Grandfather Clock is produced?

What inspired the Grandfather Clock?

"I've always enjoyed the classic kit-kat clock designed by Earl Arnault—the playfulness of the wagging tail and 40's cartoon details, while creepy to some, always made me smile. As I've started creating various whimsical homewares, such as the Can of Whoop-Ass lamp or the various typographic message clocks, I started to think about how I could create something more dynamic as a wall-hanging. This led me to pendulum clocks, then grandfather clocks, and then of course.. the sagginess that comes with age.

I love how there is a 'ah-ha' moment when you hear the name and see the clock's form. I can't help but laugh whenever I pass The Grandfather Clock, and I'm hoping it brings the same joy to others. “

—Ethan Streicher.

Are ceramic versions of The Grandfather Clock available?

Originally designed and handcrafted in glazed ceramic, Streicher Goods is offering this design, ready to ship, in laser cut acrylic in multiple color-ways.

The ceramic originals are also available as made to order, and because of the nature of ceramic work and glazes, are all one-of-a-kind.

Contact us at info@streichergoods.com for more information on commissions.

How do you assemble The Grandfather Clock?

Once you receive your clock, you'll find the main silhouette and balls inside the box.

1. Remove the grandfather from the foam insert and flip him around.

2. Take a AA battery (not included) and place it positive side in first, then firmly press the negative (flat side) in. This is the easiest way to get the battery in.

3. Set the hour / minute with the rotating dial on the back.

4. The pendulum movement will be locked or clicked to one side of the clock movement—unlock the pendulum so it swings freely.

5. Remove the balls from the foam insert, slide the hook between the acrylic silhouette and the opening of the pendulum, hooking the balls onto the pendulum with the hook facing the wall.

6. Hook the clock on the wall and enjoy your swingers.